Idea: called to intercede

After years of waiting, we've finally got a spiritually feeding edition of Idea magazine. I'm referring to the magazine of the Evangelical Alliance! The latest edition of Idea is full of articles that are written with passion, clarity and insight. The magazine has the title "Called to intercede."

Perhaps like me you've picked up each copy of Idea magazine which came in the post, dipped into it and then laid it aside barely reading it because it wasn't well written and wasn't spiritually satisfying. This latest edition is completely different. It's a breath of fresh air!

As a taster, here's the stirring cry found in the magazine's opening article:

"We need to stand in the gap for our neighbours, our cities, towns or villages, and our nation. As we increase our time in prayer, I believe God will give us increased revelation and discernment regarding the spiritual atmospheres in our communities. Armed with this Holy Spirit information, we can pray more targeted and effective prayers and then have the joy of seeing hopeless situations totally transformed." Rachel Hickson.

"Called to intercede" is the July-September edition of Idea magazine - the magazine of the Evangelical Alliance, UK. Find your copy and get reading! If you or your church are affiliated, it should be in your letter-box now. Alternatively, log in to the website and read it online.

This latest Idea magazine edition was edited by Jemimah Wright (acting editor.)

I decided to take a walk down to the local reserve to find some spots to take some self-portraits.
Photo by Diana Simumpande / Unsplash