God and the Pandemic

Photo by Miguel Henriques / Unsplash

The Michael Perham University and Cathedral Lecture 2021 - God and the Pandemic, presented by Revd Professor David Wilkinson.

How does a scientist and a theologian engage with some of the big questions raised by the pandemic? What have we been learning about what it means to be ‘led by the science’ and the vulnerability of humans to the natural world? Where is God in all of this?

The pandemic has focused questions in the relationship of science and theology which are both helpful and challenging.

David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College and Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion in Durham University, presents this year's Michael Perham University Cathedral Lecture.

Taking place online on Monday 17th May, the free online event is named after the former Bishop of Gloucester, who introduced an annual lecture organised between the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucester Cathedral.

The lecture will be introduced by the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, and followed by a short Q&A session.

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