New website has 23 authors!

Photo by XPS / Unsplash

The new MCEA website has 23 authors signed up as of February 22nd 2021! These are from a wide range of ministries and churches in Cheltenham and north Gloucesteshire.

The new website was quietly launched in November 2020 with the vision it should become a communications hub for Christian ministries and churches who are represented at MCEA bi-monthly meetings. The idea is churches and ministries in the area each having someone assigned to the role of author. In this way, they publish their own feature information, news and events as soon as it becomes available.

The uptake of the offer to have an author "on staff" of the website has been very enthusiastically received. It has resulted in 11 ministries and 8 churches having feature page posts on the site so far, with more coming online shortly. Posts have also regularly started to appear on the News page and the Event page.

Feature page posts are designed to communicate to local church ministers and ministry leaders something of a church or ministry's vision. These posts will present something of what the church or ministry does, who they are and how they tick.

The invite to have an author "on staff" is being roled out gradually. If you can't wait to receive the invite, contact the MCEA secretary via the Contact form on the website.