Ways to help Ukraine


Send money. Money can be sent either via a recognised charity or via the organisation I minister with, namely, SGA (UK).

SGA has been serving Eastern Europe for more than 70 years, and has key people on the ground. SGA’s areas of work are Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Far East Russia, Mongolia.

Believers in Ukraine are asking for money, as are churches in Moldova, and Poland especially, as they are housing and feeding refugees. Many items can be bought by believers on the borders so they can house refugees. They need help today.

Money can get food and water and mattresses and blankets today. Close to some borders there is now a shortage of fuel due to the immense demands. The roads around the borders also need to be kept as clear as possible. For these reasons SGA is not involved in sending trucks of supplies.

If you would like to give to host churches along the borders of Ukraine and those stuck inside, you can do so on the SGA website. There is a page specifically for Ukraine. You can donate via the Ukraine donate button.

I am the SGA Field Representative (The Midlands and Mid Wales). My main role is teaching in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Hopefully, you will have met me at one of the MCEA meetings.

SGA focuses on four core areas of ministry:

  • Leadership support
  • Bible & Biblical literature translation and supply
  • Biblical Education & support
  • Humanitarian assistance

I am happy for anyone to contact me if they wish.

Thank you

Wayne O'Leary

In case you have met me at one of the MCEA meeting, I joined SGA in 2012 as a field representative lecturing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and carrying out deputation in the Midlands and surrounding areas. I live locally.

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